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  1. Preparation of Proforma 5
  2. suburban analysis MG/BG separately
  3. freight unit cost / Green Book preparation MG/BG
  4. coaching unit cost MG/BG
  5. shunting engine hours cost
  6. incremental cost ( marginal, differential)

End result / objectives of TC

  1. rate fixing for fare and freight
  2. project appraisal
  3. managerial tool to assess performance of  each dept
  4. profitability analysis
  5. cost consciousness and help control costs
5     shunting engine hour cost – shunting        1. By shunting engine by shunter
                                                                          2. by shunting engine by driver
Operating cost of 2 is higher; hence it is essential to determine the hauling charges which are based on hourly basis.
No separate shunting engines are available in electrical engines in SR. however; under diesel separate engines are available for shunting

6 Incremental cost: Marginal cost to asses the actual additional expenditure incurred for moving as additional volume of traffic.

Basic increments:
1. C&R A/cs (where over heads such as A.K.I.M are not involved)
2. Certain heads of accounts which are directly involved will be taken into a/c.
3. By comparing the additional traffic of previous year useful in fixing the station to station.

It is fixed for certain commodities to attract bulk traffic between 2 pairs of point. It will be lesser than the classified rate but it will not be lesser than incremental cost.Eg. New Port at Ennore - Movement of boulders from Mahendravadi Salem to Mathur (MG) movement of lines stone. This rate is applicable to a fixed commodity for specific traffic alone. This attract bulk traffic / to compete with road traffic.
1).Other studies in Traffic Costing Cell.
Survey Ratio: Once in five years to arrive at the specific Ratios for different activities where joint costs are involved last study done in 1989 present 1995 study not yet approved.
1) Station Superintendent/KPD total Pay Rs.90000
                                                                                        Freight   Coaching 
2).Permanent Way Inspector – Assessment time ETKM Equated Tract kilometer basic wear & tear repair Maintenance (1&3km)

3).Plinth area of Serviced station buildings in Sidings 10 km=3km (Wear &Tear)

Stations are selected comprising of small, individual Seven large stations where activities such as marshalling, Terminal etc. are involved and data such as ETKM no of staff of different department, Plinth area of service buildings and other actual activities they under take & to work out the ratios  

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