Thursday, October 1, 2009


Parliamentary control: the control of parliament over railway finances is exercised as follows:
voting the railway budget and review of the budget through appropriation accounts under various articles of constitution of India
Review of the policy and finances of railway by parliamentary committees viz, Estimates Committee, Public Accounts Committee, and Railway Convention Committee.
Parliamentary Financial Committees: even though parliament discusses the demands for grants for sufficiently long period before voting, due to magnitude and complexity of state activities, it is almost impossible for the parliament as a body to scrutinize the myriad expenditure proposals and Govt activities. In order to help it exercise effective control over public expenditure, Lok Sabha has set up three financial committees viz Estimates Committee, Public Accounts Committee, and Committee on Public Undertakings. Railway Convention Committee is an ad hoc committee functions like a finance committee.
Estimates Committee:
Public Accounts Committee
Railway Convention Committee

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